Welcome to the Unitarian Fellowship

Grounded in love, we strive to be a welcoming community that embraces life with wonder and inquiry. We foster personal transformation and act for a just and sustainable world.

Sunday Services

Lean In…to Thrive!

November’s Theme: A Community that Leans In It’s Celebration Sunday! …the culmination of our 2018 pledge campaign. It’s a great day to celebrate this community where we are working to become the people the world is waiting for! The Rev. Julie Stoneberg Service Co-Leader: Ian Attridge Music: Linda Clark, Barb Hilts, and Blair Mackenzie Note:…

Leaning In…to Suffering

Novembers Theme: A Community that Leans In Do you have friends, family members, or neighbours who are suffering? Sometimes, what’s needed most is a friend who can sit with the pain, and simply help them to hold it. Leaning in to suffering is about our willingness to get comfortable with being close to someone who’s…

Featured Events

FRIDAY FAMILY FEST NIGHT! November 23rd, 6-8pm

FRIDAY FAMILY FEST NIGHT! November 23rd, 6-8pm Meal + Games + Adult social time. All Ages. Playroom staff available for children 5 & under. No cost, and adults get a night off from cooking! This is the first of a series of gatherings planned as an opportunity for families to come together, share a meal, relax, play…