Calling on You… Our Whole Fellowship 2017 Stewardship Campaign

stewardship-2017Our 2017 Stewardship campaign is underway!  Now is the time for you and your household to consider how you plan to contribute to the energy and financial well-being of UFP in the coming year.

We are asking you to indicate your planned monetary and ‘involvement’ contributions using this confidential UFP Stewardship Survey. Each person of the UFP should fill one out, even ­­if you are not the person making the financial pledge, because we are also recording non-monetary contributions.

If you prefer a paper copy of the survey, they are available at Sunday services and in the office, and can be returned in an envelope to the UFP office c/o Sue Sauve.

Please fill out the survey as soon as you can, and by Friday, November 18 at the latest.

Your 2017 Stewardship Campaign Organizers,

Lorinda Frudd, Nancy Chesher and Sue Sauve