A Community of Legacy – November 2017

There’s a brand new book out about Old Turtle, called Questions of the Heart. The last question is one that Old Turtle says is asked by each dawn, and whispered by the first morning breeze. The question is, “Who are you, and how will you live this day?”
And, says the book, “we give our answer each and every day, in all that we do, and all the choices we make. Our answer is in the ways that we treat one another, in the courage we must find to face a challenge. It is in our eyes when we choose to look for beauty, and in our hands when we reach out to help someone. It is in our minds when we try to understand, and in our hearts when we choose to love.” It is a question that is in all the other questions we ask, and in our journey to find the answers.

Who are we, and how will we live our days?

Someone recently asked me about what I would like to know about my presence in this community. My answer? I want to know that it mattered that I was here. I want to know that my contributions to this community, this congregation, will make a difference in the story of its history, and perhaps even influence the direction of its evolving. I want to know that I am a valued partner in relationships of growth and transformation.

There will likely not be significant financial bequests that I can leave (although UFP is in my will.) I will certainly not have made an impact of any historical significance. My name will not be put on buildings or roads or printed in textbooks. But I do believe that I will leave a legacy…a legacy of values…a legacy of caring…a legacy of commitment. And the only way I can do that, is to live my legacy now.

Take care, and go live your greatness!