A Community of Unfolding – May 2017

I remember a time as a teenager, riding on the tailgate of a pickup, gazing backwards as the truck drove forward up a hill. Watching the fields and trees disappear behind me, I experienced a strange sensation… it was as if the landscape I was leaving was doubling in on itself, folding itself up. And, because I was looking backwards, I could not see the world that was opening up in front of me.
I am reminded of how, in Let Your Life Speak, Parker Palmer suggests that when a door closes, one might turn around and see the vastness of the horizon that expands in front.
It is common to hear that the universe is unfolding as it should. I’m not convinced that there is any ‘should’ about it, but rather that it is unfolding as it will… as a cumulative result of all that has happened, AND in response to all the awaiting possibilities. The universe is unfolding, and our lives are unfolding, both as a consequence of the past AND as an invitation into possibility. We have a part in determining how our lives will unfold.
Many are describing this moment in Unitarian Universalism as a time when we are poised at a precipice…in the liminal space between what has been and what could be. It is a moment when we can shape our future and move more fully into the people and communities that we say we want to be. In order to do that, we need to take stock of what has past, and be honest with ourselves about who we have been. We also need to take courage…and leap!
And so, on May 7th, we are taking another step deeper into the possibility of becoming a truly welcoming and inclusive congregation. We’ll examine the systems of ‘whiteness’ that permeate our culture. We’ll talk about things that will be uncomfortable for some, or maybe even make some angry. And, we’ll imagine the new possibilities that await. I’m excited and hopeful about where this will lead.
Through it all, we’ll remain committed to the search for truth and meaning in the service of more love, more justice. And, we’ll remember our covenant to ‘cherish each other as friends,’ knowing that each one of us is on a personal journey of learning and discovery that is always unfolding. There is so much possibility!
In hope and faith, ~ Rev. Julie