CUC Vision Statement Contest

The Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) is seeking to promote and celebrate our new vision statement. It’s a beautiful and inspiring five part statement which is preceded by our our seven principles and six sources.

As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we aspire to be:

Deeply Connected: We strive to foster healthy relationships amongst and within UU communities, with the broader world and with all life.

Radically Inclusive: We strive to create hospitable, diverse, multi- generational communities.

Actively Engaged: We strive to work joyfully for a just and compassionate society, experimenting with new forms of community.

Theologically Alive: We seek to be ever-evolving in our understanding, open to new knowledge.

Spiritually Grounded: We seek transformation through personal spiritual experiences and shared ritual.

The CUC Visions Statement team has developed a contest to encourage engagement with the visions statement. Full details are on the CUC website at

In brief, here’s what they are:

A. Interconnected Faith Sermon Contest: Write a new sermon/homily of 1,800 to 2,500 words on any aspect of the Vision Statement and its five attached Aspirations. Deliver that sermon to a Unitarian congregation sometime between today and the contest deadline of Feb. 2, 2018.
Participants can be ministers or lay people and must be connected to a Canadian UU congregation. The winner will receive a $150 prize, plus an invitation to present their sermon during the CUC 2018 ACM held in Hamilton.

B. Canadian Unitarian Art Contest: Create a piece of art that celebrates our new Vision Statement – the statement itself, not the five attached Aspirations. The art can be in any medium – painting, sculpture, songs, videos, poems. Participants should submit their original work or, if the work can’t be mailed, send photographs of the work.
There will be three categories, based on the creator’s age range: age 12 and under; age 13-17; and age 18 and older. Group projects, such as from an RE group, are welcome. Prizes of $50 will go to the winning piece in each category.
Deadline for submissions: Oct. 1, 2017.
Participants must be connected to a Canadian UU congregation. The winning pieces will be shared online with Canadian Unitarian Universalists.

Yours, Scott Donovan. Acting Liaison for the CUC