January 2016: Unlikely Utopia, by Michael Adams

The January meetings of the book club will be January 8th and 22nd at 2pm at the home of Ed Adams, 1042 Oriole Dr.

Unlikely UtopiaOur book this month is Unlikely Utopia by Michael Adams.

Around the world, sectarian tensions divide societies, sometimes erupting into violent confrontation. Some pundits argue that similar convulsions will shake Canada’s multicultural foundations. But Michael Adams argues that Canadians don’t see this as inevitable.

Far from being disabused of their naïveté by the world’s conflicts and bloodshed, Adams believes Canadians suspect that the world might just be disabused of its “realism” by the success of the Canadian multicultural experiment. By focusing on the more mundane task of helping people of all kinds get along—both materially and socially—Canada may prove to be the “experiment” that worked.

Everyone is invited to join us for these lively discussions.


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