Listening to the Minority Voice

At our May 2017 AGM, it was proposed that in our deliberations, as a congregation, we consider the voices of those who are usually voiceless. The idea was brought forward by our Indigenous Working Group, and inspired by a chapter in a book of Indigenous essays titled Original Instructions. In her chapter, “An Okanagan Worldview of Society,” author Jeannette Armstrong writes of decision-making within her community, and says that “the minority voice is the most important voice to consider…[it] expresses the things that are going wrong, the things we’re not looking after, … the things that we’re not being responsible toward, the things we’re…trying to sweep under the carpet or shove out the door.”

It was agreed that the chapter would be posted on our website so that everyone could read it, ponder its wisdom, and consider how we might use such a system in our congregation. Read the full chapter here.

(The Okanagan are a First Nation from a territory within what is now known as British Columbia.) In this article,