Turning Passions to Possibilities

What makes you feel most alive at the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough? What do you most want to try here next?

On Sunday October 23, we gathered after the service (and a delicious lunch made by Marshall Rosenberg and Rev. Julie) for the first in a new series of Community Conversations. This one was about discovering, together, the projects and possibilities that energize us right now.

The photo gallery below shows some of what happened.

(Photos by Ben Wolfe. Click any image for a larger version.)

The group was full of ideas, and picked three to bring back to the congregation for next steps:

  • Making our space feel more like our home (lots of ideas);
  • A multi-week series on self-compassion; and
  • Holding an event or fundraiser that calls to the whole Peterborough community.

Interested? The next step is for us to turn these from passions to realities.

Since this past spring, our Community Conversations have made the Fellowship a centre of learning and practice for some of the innovative participatory leadership, community-building and dialogue processes that have been invigorating Peterborough — some of them originating at Peterborough Dialogues. This session was part of that.