Wonderings on the theme of COURAGE, October 2017

What kind of courage do we have in the face of hatred and evil? How brave might we be when up against powerful forces that would threaten our safety and sense of peace? When are we required to put ourselves on the line? required of us?
Each of us must answer those questions for ourselves, discerning what is appropriate under the circumstances.  Over the past month, in resistance to the presence of a White Supremist rally in Peterborough, a beautiful collection of groups and individuals have come together in a unified voice.

LOVE LIVES HERE. END WHITE SUPREMACY is the rallying cry, and the whole community has been called to join in the many various activities over this weekend. At the time of this posting, it appears that the White Supremists will not be gathering in Conferation Park as previously announced, and are moving to an unknown private venue, but LOVE LIVES HERE will go on!  See all of the details here.

However you choose to express your love, whenever you can stand up to hatred and bullying, in whatever ways you can work for justice and inclusion, know that your courageous heart is seen and appreciated. You are brave indeed.

Rev. Julie


Wonderings on the theme of Welcome, September 2017

I find myself thinking about the concept of “Ubuntu”…a Zulu term that might be translated as “I am what I am because of who we all are” or “I am a person through other persons.” It speaks to me about the almost paradoxical nature of welcome… that we both have to enlarge ourselves in opening and at the same time make ourselves small enough to allow true open space for the other. There’s a great degree of humility in authentic ‘welcome’, because as we invite others in, we might also realize that it is only because of them that we can be all that we might be.  And, to authentically welcome, we must be willing to be changed.

Our theme packet this month contains a story about Coyote…who is so bothered by others that he attempts to be by himself. But when he’s alone, he finds that his voice…his words, his music, his dance…have all left him, and are only possible when he joins in community.

In these times, when hatred is expressed so openly, we are clearly being called to the practice of welcome…of opening our hearts to the other…of choosing trust over distrust and love over suspicion. I believe that in the practice of making room for the other, as was true for Coyote, we will find that we too are being welcomed home…to that place where our spirits will be filled with more music, more dance, and more life. Perhaps welcoming is the most important work we can do.

I am who I am because of who we all are. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Rev. Julie

A Community Who Takes Risks – April 2017

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A Community of Rhythm – October 2016

As part of the Pride Parade, here in Peterborough and elsewhere, it is traditional to stop for a moment of silence.  All the music, all the whooping, all the marching, comes to a standstill as we stand to reflect on and remember those whom we have lost to AIDS and...

A Community of ‘Return’

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