You are welcome here

The Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough welcomes you — just as you are — to our community. Whether you are looking for an open-minded faith community, a place to explore and question, or a place for your children to find their own religious path, I invite you to gather with us. Together, we engage life with wonder and inquiry as we search for life’s meaning. Together, we celebrate our gifts and share our burdens. Together, we offer gratitude for our earth and for the blessings of friendship. Together, as a multigenerational and diverse community, we act for a just and sustainable world.

Rev. Julie Stoneberg
Rev. Julie Stoneberg

We are committed to providing a liberal religious presence for Peterborough and the Kawarthas, just as we have for more than fifty years. With beginnings as an organized religious movement in the Sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation, today Unitarianism embraces a diversity of theological and philosophical outlooks, drawing insight from diverse sources.

We don’t require members to believe the same things. Rather, ours is a spiritual community which covenants to support each other as we search for truth and meaning. So, if you want to explore your spirituality and beliefs, if you need a community that will nourish you along life’s journey, if you and your children have questions about how to live a life of purpose… this may be just the place for you!

It’s my experience that people engage with a faith community in various ways, but generally, a Sunday service is the starting place. Some come on a Sunday morning and immediately feel at home. Others need to attend multiple times before they want to make a deeper connection. But some need to ask many questions before they feel comfortable attending a first service. Know that I’m very happy to talk with you about this faith and about your personal spiritual path at any time.

So, come and check us out! Our minds, hearts, hands, and doors are open!

— The Rev. Julie Stoneberg, Minister