Welcome to our new RE co-leaders

Our Director of Religious Exploration, Kate Huband, is on leave for the fall of 2017. She has been assigned a Practicum position through her Master of Social Work program. She’ll be working full time in Peterborough and consequently has taken a four-month leave from her UFP DRE position. We look forward to her return just after Christmas. Good luck Kate!

The Religious Exploration Committee completed an internal search for two candidates to cover Kate’s leave. You might be thinking that this is an affirmation that it really does take two people to fill those shoes! But the recommendation to hire two came from Kate, and it has to do with continuity and consistency of our quality programming.

We’re very pleased to announce that Leah Andrews and Ruth Strunz will be co-leading our RE program this fall. Both are well-qualified, experienced and bring with them enthusiasm and commitment for our children and youth. We will see them both every Sunday, introducing the programming and leading the children and youth downstairs. They will be collaborating through the week and will be available to you to respond to your questions and concerns.

Please take a moment to welcome them to this new position.  Both Ruth and Leah begin in September and can be reached at Kate’s email address.  We are SO grateful to have such competent people to fill Kate’s shoes!