Wonderings on the theme of COURAGE, October 2017

What kind of courage do we have in the face of hatred and evil? How brave might we be when up against powerful forces that would threaten our safety and sense of peace? When are we required to put ourselves on the line? required of us?
Each of us must answer those questions for ourselves, discerning what is appropriate under the circumstances.  Over the past month, in resistance to the presence of a White Supremist rally in Peterborough, a beautiful collection of groups and individuals have come together in a unified voice.

LOVE LIVES HERE. END WHITE SUPREMACY is the rallying cry, and the whole community has been called to join in the many various activities over this weekend. At the time of this posting, it appears that the White Supremists will not be gathering in Conferation Park as previously announced, and are moving to an unknown private venue, but LOVE LIVES HERE will go on!  See all of the details here.

However you choose to express your love, whenever you can stand up to hatred and bullying, in whatever ways you can work for justice and inclusion, know that your courageous heart is seen and appreciated. You are brave indeed.

Rev. Julie