Wonderings on the Theme of Intention

A Community of Intention
January 2018 

One of my first acts of 2018 will be to officiate at a wedding…a sacred moment when two people publicly state their intentions, the vows they make to one another and to their relationship.

I consider one of the most powerful aspects of a wedding ceremony to be the ‘public’ part of it. There is something very important about naming one’s intentions, right out loud, in front of a ‘crowd of witnesses.’ And then having named them, to be held accountable to those vows, by each other, and by their community.

Although we might not be aware of it, every day we are publicly stating our inner intentions through our outer words, deeds, and actions.  This month’s theme, intention, calls us to more consciously lead outward lives that are in alignment with our deepest selves. But, of course, this requires us to become more attuned with our innermost desires and wishes…our intentions…so that we might live them ‘out loud.’

I’m making this my one New Year’s resolution: to better know and name my dearest intentions so that I might live in alignment with them as best possible.

Serving you in love,

Rev. Julie

PS.  As you know, I intended to return to my ministry with you full-time on January 2. However, I have found that some parts of my recovery are taking longer than I had hoped, and I am not ready to return to my full schedule.
After consulting with the Committee on Ministry and our Board Chair, and with their encouragement, we have put in place a schedule for a more gentle re-entry. If you want the details, they’re here.
Throughout this month, I intend to respond to emails and can be contacted for consultation and/or pastoral care; however, if I’m unable to respond in the way that’s needed, several of my colleagues have offered to step in and be of support to you and to our community.
I so admire the abundance of ways in which you all share the ministry at UFP. And, I am beyond grateful for the many, many expressions of support and care that I have received from you, along with your respect for my privacy and for the time I’ve needed to heal. I have rested in the knowledge that your love holds me, just as you hold each other.