Young Adult Weekend at Unicamp

September 15-17, 2017


Join UU young adults (18 – 35) for a wonderful weekend of community, conversation and carousing amidst the splendors of the changing leaves. Unicamp provides the perfect setting for a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat with new and old UU friends.

Come for a hike on the trails, swim in the pond (if you can brave the cold), gather a crew for a workshop, take a cave tour, or grow friendships over crafts and games, evening worship and stargazing. Saturday’s programming will be chosen by participants, based on interest. There’ll be worship on Friday and Saturday evenings, and a closing circle on Sunday, as well as shared meals, and small and large group activities.

Participants are welcome to bring kids 12 and under to the event, but there will not be child care provided by us (so people will have to be responsible for their kids at all times).

Advance registration required. Sliding scale from $30 – $80 – includes accommodations and food from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch.

To read more about Unicamp, please visit their website. To see pictures of this incredibly beautiful place, check out Unicamp’s Instagram.  More information: Asha or 226-820-9311