A Community Awakening | April 2022

The first wonderings in our theme packet this month speak about awakening to life and your true self. The Soul Matters folks say it better than I possibly could, so I’ll say something about awakening to those things we’d rather ignore…

You know the feeling. The alarm rings, the day breaks, and everything in your body resists getting up. Or, the nagging list of chores and responsibilities keeps poking holes in your energy, and you feel like screaming. Or, the relentless messages about impending disasters fill your news feed, and you just can’t hear or read another word about it. There’s a constant voice saying: Please. Don’t. Wake. Up.

I’m here to tell you that ignoring it does not help. It doesn’t make us feel better. It doesn’t make it all go away.

Of course, the troubles of the world are too big for any one of us to solve, but the call of each day is only to do what we can. And that task is just the right size for each of us. What we’re able to do is all that’s required of us. So the call to awaken to what we’re ignoring does not require that we take it all on, or become overwhelmed, or be a superhero. All that is asked is that we stay in our own lane and do what we can. That’s all.

So wake up to that! Wake up to just enough to know what is yours to do or be. Wake up to doing what you can. Wake up to the reality that who you are, right now, is exactly what is needed. And is always enough.

It’s true, I’m telling you. You are the only one who can wake up to the life that is yours to live.

Here if you need me, 
Rev. Julie