Living with Awe – December 2019

December is a great month to consider the presence of awe in our lives, but truly, every month is a great month for awe!
We speak of ourselves, in UFP’s purpose statement, as a community that embraces life with wonder and inquiry, but…what if we took this to the next step?
Awe might be defined as reverent and respectful wonder, a particular kind of wondering with a particular type of attitude. Awe is like wonder, but multiplied and deepened.
Awe has many synonyms, but to feel awe is like experiencing all of the synonyms at once.
Respect. Reverence. Worship. Admiration. Astonishment. Fear. Stupefaction.
And to me, this suggests that to feel awe, I must experience myself to be in relation to something that humbles me, overwhelms me, is greater than me, or is beyond my capacity to understand. And, to be in the presence of something I approach from a place of respect… because of its inexplicable power, mystery, beauty, or sheer size.
Life is all of that. Being part of the community of all-that-is is awe-inspiring. So, I want to embrace life with wonder, but also with awe.
I cannot create life. I cannot explain it. Life is a spirit and a force way beyond my understanding. I am in awe of life.
And also of you. 
Rev. Julie