I’ve got a lot of scars on my body. On my chin from falling up concrete steps when I was 3. On my forehead from getting hit with a bat (accidently) when I was 10. On my calf from a dog bite when I was 8. On my knee and ankle from a motorcycle skid-out when I was 17. And a large one on my chest from a mastectomy 3 years ago.

You’ve got them too, I’m sure. We don’t get through life without bumps, bruises, and the telltale scars.

Recently, I took a big chunk of skin off my hand when I rammed it into a handrail. It bled, and for a few days it oozed angrily. Then it began to scab over. The ugly redness left. And a short week later, there remains only a small tender spot. It’s miraculous, really. We do heal.

But there’s no cure for being in human bodies. And, there’s no cure for having human hearts. We lose people we love. We have hearts that get hurt and broken, spirits that get damaged and downtrodden, and feelings that remain tender and cautious about being exposed again. In the moment, it hurts terribly and it seems the pain will stay with us forever.

And still, I believe in healing. I believe that hearts, spirits, and feelings can be healed. We fall in love again. We go out on emotional limbs again. We trust again. It is miraculous, really.
We do heal.

I hope you’ll join me in exploring this possibility.

Here with you, 
Rev. Julie