It’s the beginning of a new year and we are all trying to imagine what 2021 will bring. On the one hand, time is simply marching on. On the other, the question of ‘what’s gonna happen’ invites us to imagine a new way. The simple framing of this as a ‘new year’ creates a clean slate.

We are always standing in the space between what has been and what could (and should) be. Imagination is our uniquely human way to envision ourselves…and our relationships and our world…as we want them to be.

What about this? What if what we can imagine changes us? What we imagine builds an interior storehouse of possibilities and stories which then informs our capacity…and our ability…to be resilient, and hopeful, and compassionate, and generous. We are changed by what we imagine, and as changed beings, we are more likely to do something each day to narrow the distance between what is and what could be (thanks to Parker Palmer for this bit of wisdom.)

2021 is a blank canvas in front of us. What will be will be the result of a communal process, entered into by the interconnected community of all that is.

And so, let your imagination go wild! Imagine all the beautiful possibilities! I’ll be right there with you!

Rev. Julie