Strictly speaking, renewal would imply a return to something as it once was…to make something new again. This word works well when talking about a ‘thing’ that has worn out or become run down. We can renew our front doors by putting on a fresh coat of paint, right?

But when we’re talking about the spirit… of an individual, or a community, or a nation…I would caution us not to think of renewal as a return to what once was, or as a covering up of what has been.

Our spirits have weathered both good and bad, hard times and happy ones, and because of it all, we have gained resilience and wisdom. I, for one, cherish how my spirit has grown over time. I wouldn’t want to put on a fresh coat of spirit to gloss over all I’ve experienced.

Maybe a renewal of spirit is more like a re-commitment…a gathering up of the energy we need to keep on going with our eye on a vision for what’s next. It’s a breath of fresh air, or a second wind. Renewal of spirit restores our creativity, our imagination, and our passion. It’s not a fresh coat of paint, but rather a refreshing reminder that we are enough, and that all we need is right here.

Right here. And I’m here with you. 
Rev. Julie