A Community who embraces possibility – September 2021

As we begin another ‘church year’, we are surrounded by crises. All over the globe, extreme weather events are wreaking havoc and the recent U.N. climate change report sounds a ‘code red for humanity’. The Taliban is taking over multiple districts in Afghanistan. A 4th wave of the COVID pandemic is rolling across many countries. Haiti has suffered another devastating earthquake. And our increasing focus on racial justice is opening wounds and unveiling painful histories that the dominate culture had long swept under the proverbial rug.

What does it mean to embrace possibility in the face of all of this?
The following words from our friends at Soul Matters focus on the hopeful. Step into the hard places, they say, but don’t do it alone. Together, they suggest, we can sing out ‘why not’!

As for me, right now I want to acknowledge our exhaustion…our pain…our sense of being lost somewhere between what we thought to be ‘normal’ and what is ‘now.’ I don’t disagree with the advice that Soul Matters offers in our theme packet, but it’s also not helpful to ignore the pain. We might need to wallow there until we are all worn out.

There was a beautiful story told in the Sunday service during General Assembly in June. It was about a child who wailed after hearing the “On Top of Spaghetti” song…you know, where the meatball gets lost, and rolls off into the dangerous unknown. That little boy wanted to hear the song again and again, and cried again and again, until he was all cried out.

I think sometimes possibilities can’t become apparent, and we can’t embrace them, until we are all cried out. And you know what? Among and between us, we have as many shoulders to cry on as we have eyes to cry out. Don’t be afraid to lean into one another until you’re all cried out. Then…then…we can embrace possibilities. Beloved community is a whole that has life-giving properties that each person does not have alone.

Here if you need me, 
Rev. Julie