A Ministerial candidate Open House with Rev. Peter Boullata: 3:30 Saturday, via Zoom

Fellowship members and friends have had a year to become familiar with the Reverend Peter Boullata, and many have gotten to know him better through his Sunday reflections, meetings, and visits. We even had an “ask me anything” event where Peter responded to questions posed about himself.

Now that the congregation will vote on calling Peter as the Fellowship’s settled minister, some may still be curious about him or have specific questions for him. To facilitate these, Peter has hosted drop-in sessions this week. There is one more online tomorrow:

Saturday April 27, 3:30pm
Online, https://uuma.zoom.us/j/99453235522

Peter is also always available for one-on-one conversation by appointment. Email him at uu.ptbo.minister@gmail.com to set up a time.