A Safety Notice to Our Community

As many of you are aware, the Peterborough Police Service have issued a notice for public safety with regards to a 20-year old male who has just been released on probation and who was arrested last year for an incident on a Peterborough trail. Our community often uses trails in the Peterborough area and we wanted to support the community call to awareness that the Peterborough Police have issued. Access to and safety in nature is a high priority for our congregation. It is crucial that the actions of one individual do not impede our enjoyment of and participation in nature. We ask everyone to be alert and aware of your surroundings and to report any suspicious behaviour to the police.

We are looking forward to celebrating our Grounded in Love event tomorrow and wanted to make volunteers aware so that they are able to answer any questions the congregation might have. It is likely to be rainy and we will be mostly indoors and off the trails. The likelihood of encountering this young man in such weather and so soon after his release (and the release of the public safety notice) seems minimal but, regardless, we need to be mindful of the situation. Community awareness is the keystone to community safety.

Additional information can be found here.