Recently the Safe Gathering Committee provided the Board with a review of the decision making criteria we use when considering changes to our covid safety measures. Additional current covid-19 information was also provided and, as a result,  the Board has decided to lift the Proof of Vaccination requirement for UFP services and events beginning this coming Sunday. This will also mean that the children may be joining us for some of the service in the sanctuary. With the POV requirement being removed, it is important to note that other safety measures will continue to provide a layered approach to Covid-19 prevention for everyone, especially those who are most vulnerable; our unvaccinated children, older adults and those who are immunocompromised.  The Board remains flexible in returning to a POV requirement in the future should the local risk escalate.

The Safe Gathering Committee is also working with service leaders and the Good Endings Committee to include more music into the upcoming services, both congregational singing and choir singing.

  • Masking remains mandatory for all who enter the building.  All masks are not created equal and because we are returning to more singing, it will be important that everyone wear the best mask available to protect not only themselves but those around them. N95 masks are being made available free of cost to all those choosing to attend in person services. They are available in the foyer.   These masks can be kept in a paper bag or hung somewhere in your home and used each week until they become soiled, wet or the elastic straps become loose. More information about masks in the links below:
  • Please screen yourself before heading out to attend in person. If you feel unwell, or have been in contact with anyone who is isolating or suspects they may have Covid, please join us online. The screening tool is posted for everyone’s convenience on the door to the Unigogue so you can do your own screening before entering. Greeters are no longer doing active screening of every participant.
  • Please sign in so we have a record of who joined the in-person service or event. There will be a few clipboards when you enter, please PRINT your name.
  • The need continues for good natural ventilation when people are gathered in the sanctuary. Doors and windows will be open because the building’s HVAC system does not meet the recommended standards and there is no adequate filtration with the current system either. Natural ventilation is our best way around this and as the weather warms and no snow can blow in we are fortunate to be able to do such a simple thing to decrease everyone’s risk. Please dress accordingly.  Also know that moving forward, there will be some chairs available in the foyer/lobby for anyone who wishes to have a little more physical distance from those in the sanctuary but still be able to see and hear the service leaders. 
  • Always assess your own vulnerability and know that the online option continues to be available for all services. The Peterborough Health Unit’s community risk indicator tool and associated recommendations are very specific to our local Covid scenario. It provides information about a number of risk indicators and has specific recommendations for the general population, as well as those considered to be “high risk.” Please know that, as we make decisions about changes to our protocols for in person services, we consider this tool and other resources. We are so pleased that in the past two weeks our local risk has decreased from “high” to “moderate, and now to “low.” Here is the link to the Peterborough Public Health’s Community Risk Index

We continue to listen to leading scientific voices and make decisions rooted in the communal responsibility.