An Update on My Plans

It’s been over two months since I shared my decision to leave my ministry with you. The time is going so quickly, and I’ve realized in recent conversations that there is some misunderstanding about my plans, and some curiosities. I share this in order to both keep you in the loop and set the record straight!

First, I am not retiring. Not yet. I do plan to go on to an interim ministry with another congregation…where and for how long as yet to be determined. This is part of my plan to ‘look toward’ retirement; it gives me an opportunity to consider where I’d like to retire, and it provides the necessary distance from this congregation as you transition into a relationship with a new minister.

At this point, I am planning to keep (and rent) my house in Peterborough. I hope this will give me a sense of a home base while in a temporary interim position. And, it lets me hold open the possibility of retiring to Peterborough when the time is right.

Because of available possibilities, I expect my new ministry to be in the States. And, I’ll figure out where I’m going at about the same time that you find an interim minister, which is toward the end of May.

Of course, any of this could change. We are in transition together, and holding one another in love as we go. That’s just our way!

I’m open to whatever other questions you might have!
Rev. Julie
March 30, 2022