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Covid Protocols for Meeting in Person – Oct 7, 2021

Committee meetings and activities that might ordinarily take place at the Fellowship building have been on hold since the beginning of the pandemic. From the beginning, UFP members, friends, committees and groups have been meeting online and, over time, many have started to resume some activities outside, either at the Unigogue or in the broader community.Although many of…


The Safe Gathering Committee would like to bring the following online tool to everyone’s attention. It is a tool that can be used to help decide the risk of attending certain events or visiting with others. It was developed by the National Institute on Aging.  It may be a useful tool to help people make…

Goodbye ben & Survey

Ben Robins has a new job as a minister. Here is a video with more information, a heartfelt goodbye, and information about visioning for the program moving forward. There will also be a ritual of transition at the August 1st service. Families and others interested in shaping the RE program, please fill out our survey HERE.


Our week at Unicamp is August 16-22. It’s a wonderful place to build community, swim, hike, walk the labyrinth, create art, sing songs around the campfire. The Unicamp summer newsletter is HERE.


This book invites people to look closely at the human saga, and consider how much of it revolves around play. Simple play, elaborate play, crude play, sophisticated play, violent play, casual play. Most animals play. Evolution itself plays with lifeforms. Whole cultures play with customs, ideas, belief systems, and fashions. But it’s a special caliber…