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The events of January 6, 2021 in the US, and the anticipated challenges to democracy over the next few days and weeks have left many of us unsettled to say the least. In times like this we are grateful to be able to lean on our faith, and one another for strength and support. Read…


It’s the beginning of a new year and we are all trying to imagine what 2021 will bring. On the one hand, time is simply marching on. On the other, the question of ‘what’s gonna happen’ invites us to imagine a new way. The simple framing of this as a ‘new year’ creates a clean slate.

Fum, fum fum! 

On December five and twenty…I’m wishing each one of you a deep peace.  There’s been a great convergence in the sky, a great (annual) meet-up of multiple holidays and holy days from various traditions, and a great melancholy within…at least within me. I am grateful for all that I have…and I wish ‘things’ were different.…


There’s a lot of talk in this packet about stillness. Talking, and thinking, and watching, and practicing. But, what of STILLNESS? How might we experience it, and listen to it, and learn from it? In truth, there is no such thing as complete stillness; it’s impossible. Our bodies, our breathe, our very atoms, are in…


In December, continuing our tradition of “Mittens and Greens” we’re suggesting that you support those who are living in shelters in our city, through the YWCA or the YES Emergency Shelter. Note that if you’d like to buy gift cards for them using UFP’s program, we need to receive your gift card orders by Wednesday,…

Trans/Non-Binary resources

anya gwynne…who has worked at PARN for over 11 years, in harm reduction, education and facilitating the Rainbow Youth Program…joined us for our service on Nov 22, 2020. They shared these resources for services and information. We post them here with thanks to anya.  Trans Pulse   RHO Rainbow Health OntarioEGALE Canada  Planned Parenthood Toronto   Sherbourne…

Weekly Walking Buddies

How can we get some fresh air, exercise and companionship in the colder months this year?

The Connections Team has been brainstorming ways to enhance our community connections through in-person contact. We have come up with a simple system in which one could contact another person and pick a day of the week to go for a walk together.

Construction begins!

It’s Tuesday, November 3, and the elevator work has begun! A crew is cutting through the floor and the building is rattling! 

Rev. Julie has moved her office home, and for the time being is best reached by email or cell/text 705-741-0968. 

Support for mi’kmaq fishing rights

Along with the Canadian Unitarian Council, we have been watching the news about the Nova Scotia lobster and fisheries dispute with concern. This statement from the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation offers important context and a clear call for the Canadian government to uphold Treaty rights and the UN Declaration on the Rights of…