Canadian UU Ministers Respond to Colten Boushie Verdict

For many of us the verdict in the Colten Boushie case shook us to our core others are outraged, enraged, even fearful. The verdict is a step back in the journey towards reconciliation, a big step backward.

In 2014, Canadian Unitarians, through our Expression of Reconciliation pledged to be in solidarity with our Indigenous siblings in spirit, and we committed to the journey of healing and reconciliation between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people.

Our thoughts are with the family of Colten Boushie and with Indigenous people across Canada who have lived through situations like this countless times. We acknowledge we are only just beginning to feel the deep grief that comes with the work of reconciliation.

As we do with anyone in our community that is grieving, let us turn our attention to those who need us now – our Indigenous siblings in spirit. As Canadian Unitarians, let them hear from us that we know they are not alone.

Let us reach out to our local communities and offer our deep condolences for what they must be going through.

Let us bring food, send cards, show up at local events being organized.

Let us reach out to our Indigenous neighbours and ask what they need at this time.

Let us begin conversations with our neighbours.

Let us raise our voices to the call on our government demanding a review of the judicial system that continues to fail Indigenous people all across the country.

Let us support a government that is calling for change to jury selection, let us pressure that government to appeal the verdict,
let us rage, hold one another, pray and march – most of all, let us show up.

The path of Truth and Reconciliation is and will be a long one – generations long. Let us do what we can to ensure that the path grows ever smoother as we and those who will follow continue the journey.

~ From the UU Ministers of Canada Executive Committee, February 15, 2018