Rev. Julie is on sabbatical January through March 2020. Read more about this here.

Pastoral Care

We want to know when someone is in need. Please contact our Pastoral Care Worker. Martha Comfort, to ask for a home or hospital visit, if you have a need for other support, or if you would like a candle lit for you on Sunday.

        Martha Comfort
        Pastoral Care Worker · 705-748-2448/hm | 705-933-2749/text 

During the sabbatical, Martha will be providing the support previously done by our Circle of Care Facilitators, as well as doing an assessment of how we’ve provided care to one another.

Below you can read a summary of the Circle of Care system, as it has been for the past five years or more. Please speak to the Pastoral Care Worker if you would like to share your experience of caring or being cared for, or if you have ideas about how best to ensure that we show up for one another.

Circle of Care

An integral aspect of the UFP community is to care for and support one another. Each month, we have an identified facilitator who acts as a communication hub by gathering requests for support and matching those needs with people who are willing to offer that support.

That support could come in many forms, such as preparing or delivering a meal, providing transportation to Sunday services and other appointments like visits to the doctor, making friendly home or hospital visits, writing occasional cards, making phone calls to members, or helping members with chores such as shoveling or dog walking.

When a facilitator learns of an opportunity to reach out to someone, they will contact a volunteer to provide the service, and then confirm that the supportive care was offered and received.