Contract to Call Service is Feb. 18

Introducing our Task Force — and announcing a “Contract to Call” service

The UFP Board has convened a Contract to Call task force to determine with the congregation the potential for our contract minister Rev. Peter Boullata to become our settled minister. The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) provides a template for this work, which includes information to guide us. We will be sharing information about the process and offer the opportunity for small-group conversations to gain the input of members of the congregation on this question. Your thoughts and opinions matter and everyone will  get an opportunity to participate.

The first step in the process is to organize a Call Sermon which will be held on Sunday, February 18th during the regular Sunday service. After the service, a short information session will be held to outline the process and answer questions. Our goal is to offer this both  in person and online.

Small-group discussions and an online survey in March will consider the following questions:

  • What is working well in our religious spiritual community?
  • What is our shared ministry accomplishing according to our mission?
  • What is not working well in our religious/spiritual  community?
  • Is our current minister a good match for the next stages of congregational development?

The Contract to Call task force will generate a summary report in the Spring and make a recommendation to the Board on whether or not to proceed with a congregational paper vote on whether to call Peter as our settled minister. It is our intention that this question will be resolved before our summer break.

For further information or to provide written feedback to the committee, please contact Fahrin at

Your Contract to Call task force:

Guy Hanchet
Donna Harris
Fahrin Kermally
Mark Parnis
Ben Taylor