Update from the Covid Standards and Safe Reopening Committee – MAY 7, 2021

The Covid Standards and Safe Reopening Committee have been consulting with several UFP groups regarding their in-person activities. For the most part, in-person activities were transitioned over a year ago to being offered at a distance, very successfully, using various technologies. Some activities, however, such as walking buddies, some music production, providing meals or groceries to those in need and helping transport folks to medical appointments, for example, just can’t be done without occasionally being in the presence of others. Instead of creating separate safety protocols for each of these activities, the committee has created a covid safety protocol that is more general and addresses any and all UFP community based activities. Please take a moment to review the document that is linked here. The Covid Standards and Safe Reopening Committee welcomes questions for very specific activities and contact information is provided for that purpose. Stay safe, Stay Well.

The protocol is HERE.