Covid Protocols for Meeting in Person – Oct 7, 2021

Committee meetings and activities that might ordinarily take place at the Fellowship building have been on hold since the beginning of the pandemic. From the beginning, UFP members, friends, committees and groups have been meeting online and, over time, many have started to resume some activities outside, either at the Unigogue or in the broader community.
Although many of us are more than ready to move these activities indoors as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease, the Safe Gathering Committee continue to work through the ever-changing guidelines and recommendations to ensure a safe indoor environment for everyone and to ensure we are meeting current regulations. Measures to maximize the indoor air quality are being carried out and proof of vaccination regulations and processes are being clarified with the Ministry and local health unit.
As soon as processes are in place and the Committee and Board feel all is ready, the use of indoor spaces will be announced far and wide and the gathering protocols will be made available to all. In the meantime, outdoor or online gatherings continue to be the requirement.  READ MORE.