The Safe Gathering Committee would like to bring the following online tool to everyone’s attention. It is a tool that can be used to help decide the risk of attending certain events or visiting with others. It was developed by the National Institute on Aging.  It may be a useful tool to help people make informed decisions about the risk level of attending community activities or small social gatherings with friends and family.  It can be overwhelming trying to decide which invitations seem like a good idea and which might require a pass at this time. It can be difficult to keep up with current recommendations too
There are two different questionnaires to choose from on the website; a short 3 minute “Visit Risk Calculator” and a longer 10 minute “ Visit Risk Decision Aid” When you answer the questions provided by either of these tools, it can help you make a decision based on real risk factors. At the end of the questions, the tool lets you know if the visit would be a high risk, moderate risk or low risk.  The longer “Decision Aid” is more specific to you personally so there are questions about your own health etc. It also factors in how important you feel it is to attend the event or make the visit.
Here is the link to the website: