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If you are alive and breathing, part of a family and community, studying or working — you will experience stress! It’s normal, a part of life, and not all bad, as it can help us grow and become more resilient. Since Covid changed our lives completely, and the conflicts around the world seem to be mushrooming, we can become stuck in a repetitive worry “loop”, spending too much time in the sympathetic “fight/flight/freeze” state. This is hard on our hearts, minds and spirits, as well as our bodies, since these parts of us are not separate, but connected.

Join us to learn some easy tools to lower your tension and stress, so you can more easily return to a place of greater calm. I will cover a bit of theory about the nervous system and how it relates to your health, and a look at some of the encouraging research coming out about some of the techniques we’ll explore. Mostly, however, it will be experiential! Bring your curiosity, an open mind and be ready to practice these techniques. It is by doing and noticing any changes in our body, that we can appreciate what seems to work well for our own unique nervous
systems. No note-taking is required as handouts will be provided, including a list of resources.

Caveat: We will avoid dealing with any major traumas from the past during this Workshop, as this is an introduction to helpful techniques to counteract stress and not therapy. This keeps everybody’s nervous systems safe!

You need to pre-register to hold your space, as there is a cap of 20 people. This is a fundraiser for the UFP with a suggested offering of $25. It’s also pay-what-you-can, as we don’t want to exclude anyone with financial constraints.

Interested?  To register email Flo Levia