CUC’s 8th principle forums

The Dismantling Racism and 8th Principle forums are a 4-session introspective journey building momentum towards being truly inclusive, deepening our understanding of what it means to dismantle racism, and practicing how to show up in a way that honours what we have been asked to do by our members of colour. 

We regard this as necessary work to prepare for the CUC Special Meeting on November 27, 2021. These forums are also a way for our congregation to engage fully in conversation and to hear from others across the country.

Forum dates and times

All forums take place on Sundays from 7:00 – 8:30 pm ET. Click on the title of each forum to access details about that session.

Find more information and pre-requisites for joining HERE. (All participants are asked to do about 1 hour of homework as prep.)