Destination unknown?

January’s Theme: A Community Living with Intentionwriting, hand, money, paper, map, close up, cash, art, location, shape, search

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If you don’t know where you’re going, you don’t need a map, because it doesn’t matter which way you go. 
But we know where we want to go. Trouble is, there’s no app or map for this. And we are often in uncharted territory. Still, our hearts know the way.

Here’s how to participate:
Come at 9:50 for the chance to welcome one another in our virtual foyer. 
You’re invited to bring a stuffie and something to represent three things you would pack when going on a journey.
Click on the links to download words/lyrics and a colouring page.

Speaker: Rev. Julie Stoneberg
Service Co-Leader: Steph Wildheart
Service Tech Support: Tracy Galvin, Sara Whitehead and Ben Wolfe
Music: Mosaic Choir and Linda Clark

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