Happy Hour Sing-Along

The first ever UFP Musical Happy Hour (well, happy half-hour) with an optional brief all-chat at the end.
The zoom room will open at 6:45 pm. If you’re brand new to zoom, 
pls click on the link below anytime before Friday evening
to give your computer a chance to ‘shake hands’ with zoom. That
handshake takes a bit longer the first time, but is pretty quick after that.


For now, this invitation is going to UFP choir members, the UFP website & FB page. Assuming this works easily the first time, we’ll open it out to The World. 🌎🌍
Because of varying audio-time-lags on different devices, we can only have one person audible at a time. For starters, it will Linda Clark leading the songs. 
Come sing and share the vibe. 🎶  💞  🎶  💞 🎶 
No one else on the call will hear you — so there’s no such thing as a ‘bad singer’ !!!