Heavy, anticipatory Joy

Photo by Alexander Mueller

December’s Theme: A Community Opening to Joy

Join the all virtual service at 10am here: https://tinyurl.com/UFPsundayservice 
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We are entering the darkest days of the year…the shortest time of light…the longest time of night. For some, that comes with a heavy weight, too much to carry. 
But there is joy in the night. Healing in the darkness. Possibility underground. 
As we wait, let us look for that quiet joy within. 

If you’d like to prepare for this service, watch this theatre piece, Heavy Joy, by the Bengstons. 

In Person Attendance at Services: The Safe Gathering Committee would like to thank last week’s volunteers and those who attended in person for helping to meet all of the provincial, local and Board requirements and recommendations for keeping each other safe and lowering the covid risk for everyone. Each week we anticipate that the process of moving folks in and checking registration will get easier as we refine our lists and how we do things.
If you plan to attend in person this week, please find all the information you will need to register and prescreen HERE
Feedback is always welcome as we refine our processes. Feel free to drop an email to the Safe Gathering Committee by email any members of the committee:
Heather Ballarin ( Ballarin@nexicom.net )
Guy Hanchet ( guy@hanchet.ca )
Stephanie Wildheart ( sunflower_in_ireland@hotmail.com )
Heather-Lynn Fraser ( agirlfreeman@gmail.com )

Announcements begin at 9:50am.
Download words/lyrics and TWO possible colouring pages (STRAWBERRY, TIGER)  

Speaker: Rev. Julie Stoneberg
Service Co-Leader: Leigh Symonds
Service Tech Support: Sara Whitehead, Ben Wolfe and Steph Wildheart
Music: Linda Clark and the Joy String Quartet

Join the service here: https://tinyurl.com/UFPsundayservice 

Dial in information available HERE

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