January’s Theme: A Community of Imagination

Recently, Malaika Collette was one of 18 international student staff who helped organize Mock COP26, an international, youth-run, virtual event put on to fill the void of the postponed COP26. The two-week event concluded with a letter to world leaders, and a Treaty made up of 18 policies from over 300 youth delegates.

Imagine if youth made these vital decisions about their future. And imagine what can be accomplished in 2021.

Malaika Collette is a 17 year old resident of Lakefield, grade 12 high school student and climate activist, who has been heavily involved in the movement for around a year and a half.

Announcements begin at 9:50am.

Download words/lyrics and/or a colouring page before the service.

Guest Speaker: Malaika Collette
Service Leader: TBA
Service Tech Support: Sherry Hambly and TBA
Music: Lorinda Frudd

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