Rules to live by

We begin with a social time at 10am: 
Then we’ll be joining the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto for their 10:30 service. We will give the service link to everyone during our social time. 

Many seek to understand the differences between our country’s response to the pandemic and those of other countries. On one hand, it seems the reasons are complex and multi-layered; on another, they seem as simple as having lost connection to the mutual care and concern that are at the heart of The Golden Rule. What, after all, is donning a cloth mask these days but a sign of our intention to protect the health of others, in the sacred hope others will do the same for us? Read more here

Speaker: Rev. Shawn Newton

If you’re unable to join us for social time and need the service link, find the invitation in Friday’s e-news, THE FLAME.