Starting Point begins Oct 30

Starting Point is a small group experience that offers you a brief immersion in Unitarian Universalist practice and thinking. Our goal in the four sessions is to deepen both understanding and connections with the UFP Community.
We spend time exploring our own spiritual journeys and the larger journeys of the UU faith and of this congregation. We’ll also look at the three paths of Unitarian Universalism and the path of membership at UFP.
No matter how long you’ve been around UFP, this is a great way to (re)kindle the chalice within you.
Four Wednesdays: Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 13 and Nov 27, 2019
7-9pm in UFP’s Community Room

Here are a couple of things shared by previous attendees:

What motivated you to attend?
The enjoyment of discussing with others their beliefs, where they started from (so to speak) and, how they reached the positions they hold today. Learning from others who prefer to develop a belief system around core values rather than taking for granted what other may say is the truth is always thought provoking.

One new insight that came from this experience?
The seamlessness between long term UU’s and newcomers – that we all have a story to share regardless of our faith-based backgrounds. These small group discussions were a great equalizer that demonstrated that there is little distinction between seekers and stalwart members. Our truths are based on our experiences and values not so much handed down by our religious organizations.