The Story of Creation

May’s Theme: A Community of Story

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On this Mother’s Day, we’ll take a look at how the stories of creation form and inform us. Where did the world come from? Where did I come from? How did we all get here? In seeking answers to these big questions, we may come across surprising clues that only take us deeper into the mystery.
(This picture is an illustration by Gabriela Larios of the Mayan creation story, from “Popol Vuh: A Retelling” by Ilan Stavans.)

Announcements begin at 9:50am.

You can download words/lyrics and a colouring page here on Friday. 

Speaker: Rev. Julie Stoneberg 
Service Co-Leader: Steph Wildheart
Service Tech Support: Ben Wolfe, Janice Canning, and Sherry Hambley 
Music: Jessie Barr, Jessica Lindeman, and Jacob Rodenburg

Join the service here: 
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