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November’s Theme: A Community of Healing

Audre Lorde said, “It is not our differences that divide us, but our inability to acknowledge, accept and celebrate those differences.” anya gwynne, our guest speaker, invites us to enter into the presence of un-comfortability. and will share how difference is not a challenge but a gift. 

anya gwynne is a non binary, queer writer, performer and parent who has lived in, and around, Nogojiwanong most of their life. They have worked at PARN for over 11 years, in harm reduction, education and facilitating the Rainbow Youth Program. Most of what they learned about social interaction was gleaned from Fraggles.

Announcements begin at 9:50am.

Download words/lyrics and a colouring page before the service. 

Guest speaker: anya gwynne
Service Co-Leader: Ian Attridge
Service Tech Support: Sue Sauve and Ben Wolfe
Music: Lorinda Frudd 

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