we need to talk (and listen): A community conversation

Do you believe we can listen to one another across our differences with compassion? Do you want to practice engaging in kind and thoughtful conversation that will bring us together rather than send us into our respective corners? In these times, when differences and positions threaten to divide us, let’s find another way. 

You are invited to participate in a courageous community conversation that seeks to build understanding, facilitated by the Community Conversations team (Aukje B, Todd B, Jovanna S, and Ben W). To quote Rumi: “Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field.” Let’s meet each other there. Meeting link HERE. 

This conversation is not for you if you want to share strong opinions, convince others that you are right, or want to focus on persuading or solving.
This conversation is for you if you want to be curious and listen to others, and to deepen your capacity to be in difficult conversations.
And, this is not a conversation about the specifics of re-opening.