White Allies in Anti-Racism: a 4-part workshop series

In this workshop series, we will unpack racism in Canada and explore ways to become allies in the struggle to dismantle the racial barriers in our congregations and the larger community.
All are welcome but please note the workshop takes an explicit view that transforming ourselves and our society into a racially just place implicates a responsibility in white folks to engage more robustly. Youth are encouraged to attend.

Lunch will be available at a nominal cost. Please let us know if you require child care.

There are 4 parts to this workshop:
Session 1 and Session 2 happened on Oct 20.

Session 3: Worship and Music, Nov 10, 10:00am – 12:00 pm
• Choosing inclusive worship music
• First Impressions (Greeting and meeting)
• Anti-Oppressive Words (Readings and Sermons) • Challenging our congregations

Session 4: Moving from Allies to Accomplices, Nov 10, 1:30 – 3;30pm
• Moving from Allies to Accomplices: from just
showing up to action. What’s our role? How can
we become more effective?
• What is the proposed 8th Principle project and
how does it connect to white supremacy in Canadian UU spaces?

You can choose to attend all 4 sessions or only the ones that you would like to attend.

The suggested price for each workshop is $10.00, or PWYC. We don’t want anyone to stay away because of cost. Please go to Eventbrite to register and buy your ticket(s). Please be careful to choose the workshop(s) that you are interested in.

This workshop is being facilitated by Patrica Trudeau and Wilburn Hayden.

Dr. Wilburn Hayden has been a university professor and social worker since 1973. He teaches and writes from critical race and anti-oppression perspectives. Growing up in the segregated south, he knows of the racial injustice struggle in the USA and Canada first hand. His practice experiences include being the chief social worker in a state prison, organizing within disadvantaged communities, directing a human services agency, and involvement in political campaigns in North America. His teaching has taken him to South Africa, Kurdistan (Iraq), Nigeria and Guyana. He is the author of a book on Black Appalachia and is currently researching the lives of blacks in Canada (from the past to the present).

Patricia Trudeau (MSW, M.Ed) is a candidate for Unitarian Universalist Ministry. Pat enjoyed previous careers in social work, academia, and children’s religious education before hearing the call to ministry. She and her family have been active in Neighbourhood UU Congregation in Toronto since 2007. Pat has a wealth of skills and interests in pastoral care, social justice (particularly focused on her work in racial justice and building skills as a white ally), teaching, and dance.