Grounded in love: An illuminating outdoor winter experience for all ages sunday December 18: 3:00-5:00pm


Join us in the afternoon as the sun is setting, beautifully nestled in nature, around a roaring fire as we celebrate the turning of the season.

*Drop in anytime 3-4:30pm and join us around a community fire at 4:30pm*

What was your first experience of wonder? Your first moment of awe? What can winter teach us about being present to the wonder and awe inside us and all around us?
Come and play, sip, sing, walk the cedar spiral, connect, wander in the woods with a lantern & allow yourself to be held by the beauty of this season.
This is for you if you:
  • long to be in nature
  • know there is wisdom in the seasons
  • are in need of nourishment
  • believe that healing happens when all generations come together
  • are seeking spiritually rich experiences
  • are craving experiences where all ages are truly welcome


Free Food!
Activities for all ages!
All welcome.

Card & Board Games. Sensory Play. Youth Room Art Making.


Various religious and cultural traditions offer visions of why there is suffering and brokenness in the world. By situating the work for collective and personal transformation within a mythic framework, meaning is found in the work.

man in white shirt walking on brown sand during daytime


Sometimes the very things we struggle with offer us the seeds of our own transformation. How might we find the blessing in the struggle?

we need each other

Join Jessica Smith, Director of Religious Exploration here at UFP, as she offers her vision for UFP and the role of children, youth and families within it.

returning to life

Earth’s cycles of birth, growth, death, and regeneration teach us something about life and transformation. Being transformed often means letting something die, letting go, and trusting in the power of life.