FRIDAY lunch with Rev. Julie

Grab your lunch, log in, and let’s chat while we eat. Fridays for the foreseeable future, from noon to 1pm. Click here to join!

Happy Hour Singalong

Linda Clark and volunteers will be leading us in song. The songs will all be familiar and easy to pick up. Everyone from the UFP community and beyond is welcome, so feel free to invite others. Doors open at 6:50, with singing from 7:00-7:30, and breakout chat groups from 7:30-7:45 Join by clicking this link:…


Recently, Malaika Collette was one of 18 international student staff who helped organize Mock COP26, an international, youth-run, virtual event put on to fill the void of the postponed COP26. The two-week event concluded with a letter to world leaders, and a Treaty made up of 18 policies from over 300 youth delegates.

Imagine if youth made these vital decisions about their future. And imagine what can be accomplished in 2021.

Malaika Collette is a 17 year old…


February’s Theme: Beloved Community

What if Beloved Community isn’t shorthand for “Your Happy Place”? What if it has to be  “Your Growing Place”, the place in which you are nurtured, sustained, and challenged?  Let’s explore if we’re prepared to make Beloved Community possible. 

A Faith Worth Failing For

Sharing Our Faith National CUC Service   NOTE SPECIAL TIME: 1pm

We often talk about Unitarian Universalism as a transformational faith – and yet to be transformed means to take a risk. How is it that we are adverse to taking such risks when it comes to widening the circle of who we are as a community?


February’s Theme: Beloved Community Summer 2020 has been described as a moment of racial reckoning. Black people, along with allies, took to the streets to protest police brutality and anti-Black racism. However, with those months of intense activism behind us, those committed to social justice must ask “What do we do now?”. It is easy…

How to Have Difficult Conversations

…with Dr. David Wiley Campt If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that facts don’t necessarily win arguments or change minds. In fact, it can be very difficult to change someone’s mind, including our own. So how can we, who aspire to be allies, address racism we see to effect real, meaningful change? Science suggests the…