Dear members and friends of Beth Israel Congregation and the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough,

Our Joint Leadership Task Force/Co-Visioning Task Force is FINALLY able to share big news with you. On October 13th, we received a $100,000 accessibility award, which was funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Enabling Accessibility Fund. This grant will allow us to install a fully accessible washroom downstairs, to replace the front doors to the building, and to create an accessible exit from the lower level.   

We have had to restrain ourselves from sharing this news while waiting for the federal government to first make a formal announcement. In the meantime, work has already begun, and in conjunction with the elevator project which we are funding ourselves, the building is undergoing big transformation!

The grant monies were given to BIC as building owners, and oversight and ongoing construction decisions are being made by our Co-Visioning Task Force. These projects are possible because of our ongoing work to evolve our inter-congregational relationship toward one of partnership. We are sharing equally in the cost of the elevator. We are sharing equally in the cost of writing the EAF grant, just as we shared the cost of writing the (unsuccessful) Trillium grant proposal last year. We shared equally in the hands-on work of preparing the building for the construction. And, we will surely share in the benefits of a accessible building!

We are over-the-moon grateful for the generosity of the Canadian Government. This grant is making possible exciting changes at 775 Weller St…changes that create a place where more people will feel welcome and included.

Your contributions are also an important part of this picture. Thank you to all who have made donations to support the elevator project; both of our congregations have made a substantial commitment to this project beyond the dollars already received. Additional contributions are not only welcome, but needed.

Congratulations to us all!

The Co-Visioning Task Force:
Julie Stoneberg, Guy Hanchet, Brian Love, Scott Donavon, Mark Siegel, Mike Fox, and Larry Gillman


In December, continuing our tradition of “Mittens and Greens” we’re suggesting that you support those who are living in shelters in our city, through the YWCA or the YES Emergency Shelter. Note that if you’d like to buy gift cards for them using UFP’s program, we need to receive your gift card orders by Wednesday, Dec 2. You can do this by contacting Linda Gendron. Information about other ways to donate can be found HERE
Thank you for your generosity!