Our congregation encourages people to use their resources to lead lives of meaning and purpose. Those resources take many forms including time, talent, and treasure. Just look around our congregation. You’ll see that many people give generously in many ways.

Charitable Giving

Our community fosters the belief that charitable giving is the hallmark of a life well lived. Being a generous person or family is one of life’s great privileges. We also have a Building Fund and a General Endowment fund but most of the funds that support the ongoing efforts of our congregation come from our Annual Pledge Campaign.

Annual Pledge Process / Congregational Budget

Our annual pledge campaign and budget process are taking place like usual – some things don’t change! This year’s pledge campaign is launching now! Here’s the on-line survey  which will be open until November 27. Please fill out the survey, even if  you are not in a position to make a financial commitment. We also want to know how you plan to be involved with UFP in the coming year and if there are any needs that you have that UFP may be able to help with at this time.

To help us recall the many ways in which the Fellowship affects our lives, we have produced a UFP Pledge Campaign Brochure that shows, in a unique way, how our financial commitments make possible the wide range of programs ​and services we offer and support. We encourage you to take a look at it.

Your contributions, whatever form they take, are much appreciated and received with gratitude.

Coinciding with Pledge Month, every UFP committee provides an estimate of revenues and expenses for the next fiscal year (January 1 to December 31).  At the end of Pledge Month, the Board reviews our pledge commitments (anticipated income) and the various committee budgets (proposed expenses) and develops a budget for the upcoming year; making decisions as to which programs and services can continue and what new programs we will be able to introduce as we seek to fulfill our Purpose.  Finally, the congregation votes on the budget at an annual congregational meeting.

The pledge campaign is a critical step as our programs ​and services ​would not be possible without the financial support received from each of us. The funds collected through the annual pledge process are key to our ongoing operations; they enable us to support our programs, staff, and facilities.

If you missed making a pledge, we welcome your commitment at any time of the year.  Just  notify the UFP office of your pledge amount.  Thank you for your commitment to our Fellowship.

For information on the pledge process, please review the Pledging FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.gram