Our pre-authorized remittance (PAR) program is a way to make your contributions to the Fellowship easier without worrying about having cash or a cheque or a pen to make your donation at any given Sunday service.

The monthly cash flow from automatic payments to the Fellowship means less stress on our finances, especially in the summer months, and less need to constantly monitor balances. We strongly encourage members and friends to consider this way of giving if you are able. Of course post-dated cheques are still very welcome, as are contributions at a Sunday service.

Thank you to all who have signed up for pre-authorized payments! Others can join this program at any time. Just drop by the “counting house” (i.e. the Community Room) after any Sunday service and speak with Kathleen Stephenson-Fields or Dave Wells.

Enrollment forms are available on Florence’s Table and also in the Community Room. All you need is a void cheque. It’s a win-win situation!