Some Key Documents and Resources

Who We Have Been

Visit this folder to explore our key past governing documents. (These documents are also linked individually below.)

Who We Are Becoming

Word cloud summation of our “Purposes” conversation on Feb. 4, 2024

Visit this folder to review key steps in the work of the Governing Documents Task Force to date.

June 2, 2024 Presentation and Discussion:

At an after-service workshop on June 2, we presented the Proposed New UFP Charitable Purposes (above) for discussion and improvement.

We also introduced a short list of significant Bylaws questions that need community discussion — especially how we handle Membership.

About The Governing Documents Task Force

Changes to provincial law require all Ontario non-profits, including UFP, to make substantial updates to our governing documents by October 2024. To meet this task and deadline, the Board created a Governing Documents Task Force.

Ian Attridge, Paul King-Fisher, Leigh Symonds and Ben Wolfe are leading this project, and treating it as an opportunity to be visionary and creative about our values and future rather than merely compliant.

The first step in this work is a reconsideration of our Charitable Purposes, for the first time in more than a generation. Our stated purposes, as approved by the CRA, are part of what enable our legal use of our charitable resources.

The next step is a renewal of our Bylaws to take account of both the required changes and other issues we see as opportunities for renewal.

How to Contact Us:

You can email the Governing Documents Task Force at: