Grounded in Love: A Collaborative, Nourishing, Sun-drenched Success

This past Saturday, October 29th, UFP hosted our first Grounded in Love event, with much warm fall sundrenched success. With more than 20 volunteers contributing, and 80 community members attending, it was an event which highlighted the collaborative, generous and playful spirits of our community.

There was warm soup & cider sipping, sensory bin play, music around a roaring fire, collaborative poem writing, emotion mapping and flag making which culminated in a parade to our closing community circle.

Children ran freely, engaging with elders and peers, with everyone playing to their hearts delight. It was an experience which nourished, filled cups (of many kinds), connected, allowed for intergenerational tending and play, and imbued a much needed sense of hope for a style of events that could serve to be an anchor through these uncertain times.

Save the date for our next Grounded in Love event, already planned for Sunday Dec 18th at the Environment Centre again. Plans are underway to host four Grounded in Love events a year, one to celebrate each season.

— Jessica Smith, Director of Religious Exploration

. . .


This is the poem that emerged from the lines and phrases contributed to our collective poetry station — the event and the day, speaking to us in our own voices.

Fall colours,
blue jay,
the unexpectedly warm sun on my back …

Excited people
lovingly preparing our space …

What I love about today is
being with this community of people.
So many joyful people,
toddlers and elders,
choosing to connect
with each other
and Mother Earth
one moment at a time —

The sun,
the colours of fall,
the smoke,
the love from community …
being outside together in the natural world …

Ancient stones, ever watchful,
us, young and curious —
what a perfect autumn day to gather
with sunshine that keeps on giving.
The clear air filled with happy sounds,
the sun’s illumination of the oranges and yellows …

What I see around me right now is
an unexpected,
delightful amphitheatre, how clever —
old and young together,

the sweet taste of apple cider.
The leaves are falling
like stars from the sky,
the applesauce is delicious,
the apple cider here is superb —

Leaves are colours,
bonjour, je suis une pomme!

A circle of joy, community,
children and love.
When I see clearly, I love …

This gathering inspires me to practice
relaxing with others, relaxing among friends:
to be inclusive and welcoming,
to be together in song, in nature,
in quiet, in family,

held by nature,
under the warm sun together,
the sun gently warming my back …

The sounds of happy voices in the woods,
play for people,
the joy of seniors playing,
“sunshine on my shoulders looks so lovely…”

Warmth from
the sun, and strangers
and people I know —

this gathering inspires me to
fly high, to taste the sweetness,
to sing and greet strangers …

To use my strength
in service
of a vision of a world made better
by love and friendship.

The cloudless sky,
the warmth of the sun,
a time to be with friends:
beautiful people gathered, being community:

We love the world.

I like
that we

(Lines and phrases contributed at the Collective Poetry station and arranged by Ben Wolfe)